Why is My Cat Peeing Outside the Litter Box?

Why is my cat peeing outside the litter box? Cats are typically litter box trained and pee inside of a litter box. Sometimes, though, your cat will urinate in another spot- anything from bed to a carpet to a pile of laundry! This is not a typical or desired behavior from cats, and is medically [...]

Cat Health

My cat’s healthy–Why do they need a routine wellness visit? Cats are great at hiding underlying medical issues. When you bring your feline companion in for a routine wellness visit, we’ll do a physical exam and run diagnostic screening tests to help detect issues before your cat shows signs of illness. [...]

Help your cat get back to “normal”!

Help your cat get back to their “normal!” Cats hide almost everything, especially pain. But if your cat is dealing with osteoarthritis (OA) pain, you’ve probably noticed changes in their everyday behavior. Things like jumping, climbing stairs, and even playing might not be so easy for them. Solensia is a monthly injection administered at MAH [...]

Why is my cat sneezing?

Ah-choo! Cats can sneeze for a variety of reasons ranging from no big deal to serious illness. Here’s how to tell whether to stay home and relax or call the vet. Sneezing is a normal response to nasal irritation. Occasional sneezes are nothing to worry about, especially if your cat is immediately back to [...]

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