Meet Travis, a Sulcata Tortoise!

The Sulcata Tortoise is native to the Sahara Desert and the Sahel, a transitional eco-region of semi-arid grasslands, scrub, and savannah in northern Africa. Sulcatas are big, slow, and tough survivalists. Adults average 18 inches in shell length and 70 to 100 pounds in weight, but specimens reaching two to three feet in length and [...]

Meet Yoshi the Bearded Dragon

Meet Yoshi! Yoshi is a Bearded Dragon. This is a good time to remind our Bearded Dragon clients that during the summer, the temperatures inside a bearded dragon terrarium may become warmer due to the higher ambient temperatures in your home. Because of this you need to closely monitor the temperatures within the basking area, [...]

What to feed your pet rabbit

photo credit erin Did spring bring a brand-new bunny? Or are you a long-time rabbit owner looking to optimize your rabbit’s diet? Here’s what you need to know to keep your friend healthy through food.  Hay, hay, and more hay.I can’t say it enough – your rabbit needs mountains of hay. Hay contains all the nutrients your rabbit needs to thrive. Rabbit teeth grow continuously, and hay is one of the best ways to gr […]

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